Sidho-Kanho-Birsha University Purulia, P.O.-Sainik School, Ranchi Road, Purulia-723104 WB

Online Admission 2021 - 2022

  1. Eligible candidates may be notified by sms and their name will be in the Merit List Published. (Applicants are requested to check Merit Lists regularly)
  2. Only Students who are eligible for admission will be able to login
  3. On successful login if you have applied for multiple subject you'll be given option to apply for any one subject
  4. Subjects will be alloted on the basis of the subject preferences provided by you in the online application
  5. You may or may not be given opportunity to upgrade from one subject to another based on your aggregate and university guidelines
  6. Once you make the payment, you have successfully completed the admission procedure
  7. Furthur guidelines will be published in the official website of the university.
  8. Students are requested to get their certificates verified at the university in the given time (Dates will be annouced with further guidelines).
  9. Admission will be canceled if the student doesn't appear at the university as per the guidelines (Guidelines will be uploaded in the official website of the university)